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Clay Tempered Jp Ninja Sword Silver Eagle Tsuba Sharp

Clay Tempered Jp Ninja Sword Silver Eagle Tsuba Sharp

Price:  $298




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Product Detail
Blade: clay tempered; 1095 carbon steel
Edge: razor sharp;
Hamon(Tempered line): Distinct real Hamon created by fully hand polishing;
Hi(Blood groove): with handwork bo-hi;
Tsuka(Handle): Genuine Ray Skin wrapped with Japanese cotton Ito & ornamented with Menuki (ornament);
Saya: black/red lacquered wood tied with Japanese specific silk Sageo; with ray shark skin& horn wrapped;
Tang: Full tang;
Fittings: tsuba; fuchi/kashira, menuki. made of copper;
Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled;
Handle Length: 28cm.
Blade Length: 71cm.
Overall Length: 103cm.
the ninja sword is for those who want a real sword. the sword is made in the exact same method of the ancient japanese process of making swords and is sharper than a razor. the accessories of the sword are all authentic from the ray skin handle and pure silk tsukamaki & sageo. this the best sword your will find in the price range.
How To Disassemble a Samurai Sword (PDF)