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Clay Tempered Straight Blade Battle Ready Ninja Katana Sword

Clay Tempered Straight Blade Battle Ready Ninja Katana Sword

Price:  $280




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Product Detail
-overall length: 103cm/40.5inch
-nagasa length/material: 71cm/28inch / AISI 1095steel
-handle length/material:28cm /11.0inch. silk,hard wooden. authentic shark skin
-Habaki/Seppa: made of brass
-mountings: Made of mixed metal.
-Sageo: made of top quality pure silk.
-Saya (Scabbard): black lacquered be sheeny.upper half of hard wooden saya wrapped with rattan.
-blade: the blade of the samurai ninja sword has been hand forged using ancient method of sword making. hand forged blade with full tang can cut tatami with a strike. quenched&clay tempered blade shaped SHINOGI-ZUKURI, featured ikubi points and ihori blade backs, which has irregular wavy hamon. the blade also features double blood groove from habaki and single one from tip to better balance the blade, more fantastic, the blade backs becomes thin from center to tip. the blade has been hand polished with multiple grade stones by japanese method. this made the blade very smooth and shine. this blade has more than 14 process hand sharpening work. so the blade is very sharp. otherwise, this katana can be taken apart fully anytime to maintenance and sword bag comes with this sword.
How To Disassemble a Samurai Sword (PDF)